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Pram Reflectors
Pram Reflectors
Pram Reflectors
Pram Reflectors
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The DIAGO reflectors for prams protects you and your child during darkness. The reflected light assures that you are seen even at dusk or when it is foggy. The reflecting light is visible from 150 m onwards. The reflectors can be mounted and removed easily thanks to the Velcro fasteners. The size of each reflector is approx. 12 x 12 cm and there are two pieces in the box. For you and your child's safety we recommend to place at least 2 pieces on each side of the prams's frame – the person pushing the pram should also be equipped with reflectors on her clothing. You may be interested in the DIAGO safety mirror: Baby Rear Mirror.

Product Information

  • Product Benefit: Easier to be seen in the dark, at dusk and during fog thanks to reflecting light – visible from 150m onwards
  • Extras: Material complies with safety standard EN 471 for warning clothing
  • Size: Approx. 12 x 12 cm / Content: 2 pieces
  • Mount: Place reflectors on the frame at appropriate position and close Velcro fastening

Retailer Information

  • Article number: 30029.75222
  • EAN number: 4048813300296
  • Packaging type: Coloured box
  • Packaging Unit: 1
  • Minimum unit purchase: 6